A Domestic Violence Attorney in Fort Myers Protects Your Rights

According to the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence, “in 2016, 105,668 crimes of domestic violence were reported to Florida law enforcement agencies resulting in 63,193 arrests.” Domestic violence is a serious problem in today’s society, but all too often, it’s forgiven, or the victim feels partially responsible. A domestic violence attorney in Fort Myers can help you protect your rights to stay safe and have accurate legal information pertaining to your situation.

Protect Yourself With a Restraining Order

Domestic violence often escalates quickly. A court injunction, or restraining order puts space between you and the assailant. There are criminal consequences if the order is violated. Florida offers four types of restraining orders, domestic violence, dating violence, sexual violence and repeat violence. Domestic violence restraining orders are for the petitioner and assailant who have a child in common or have lived together. Your Fort Meyers domestic violence attorney can help you fill out the petition for the court and walk you through the process.

Typically, a Florida judge will grant a temporary restraining order on the day it was filed with the court. The final hearing will be scheduled in about 15 days. The respondent, your assailant, must be served with the paperwork and given time to respond to the court. All evidence that is introduced must fall under the guidelines of Florida law. Your attorney can ensure that the evidence you present is admitted in court, increasing the chances of succeeding with your restraining order.

Reduce Your Risks Through a Divorce With an Attorney

Domestic violence should be taken very seriously. If you or your child is a victim of domestic violence, you need an attorney to protect your rights. A domestic violence attorney in Fort Myers can help you understand what steps you can take to ensure your safety. Contact us today for more information and a free phone consultation at (239) 333-0077 or fill out the online contact form.

What Decisions Can a Divorce Lawyer in Fort Myers Help You Make?

Filing for divorce is rarely easy, and the entire divorce process gets more and more complicated. With the help of a Fort Myers divorce lawyer, you may find that the difficult decisions that almost always come up are a little bit easier to make. Armed with legal training and experience, an attorney may be able to provide you with sound advice and assistance with the following important decisions.

Custody and Visitation

If you’re getting a divorce, you and your spouse likely have difficulty getting along. This can make deciding on custody and visitation rights very challenging. With the help of a Fort Myers divorce lawyer, you may be able to figure out the best situation for your children, you and your future ex-spouse.

Asset Division

Whether you have a lot of assets or just a few, deciding on how you’ll divide them up between you and your divorcing spouse can be tricky. In some cases, spouses may try to hide assets. You’ll want a divorce lawyer in Fort Myers on your side to help you discover all income and assets, as well as to figure out what to do with them.

Moving Out

Divorcing couples who own a home together may not know who should continue to live there or if they should sell. There are several factors that impact the decision to move out, remain in place or sell that an attorney can help you sort through, including the following:

• Do you want to gain sole ownership?
• Can you and your spouse handle cohabitation during the process?
• Should your kids be able to stay put to avoid potential problems?

The decisions that you have to make during a divorce are likely to be some of the most challenging of your life. Trying to make them without a Fort Myers divorce lawyer is not only difficult, but it can also have long-lasting consequences. Contact us today for more information and a free phone consultation at (239) 333-0077 or fill out the convenient online contact form here.

Divorce Attorney in Naples: Understand the Difference Between Alimony and Child Support

One of the most complicated aspects of a divorce is finances. Divorcees must come to terms on financial support in the form of alimony, child support or both. It is a common assumption that the two are the same thing, but the fact is they are not. A divorce attorney in Naples can help you understand their differences and the laws in the context of your personal situation.


While a some states’ laws follow the concept of “community property,” Florida is a “equitable distribution” state. This means that financial and physical assets acquired over the course of a marriage are generally considered the property of whichever spouse “earned” each asset.

This is where alimony comes in. Even if a couple has no children, one spouse may owe support in the form of alimony payments to the other. During a marriage, one spouse often brings in more money than the other. Sometimes that responsibility shifts over the years due to a variety of factors. A judge usually decides who owes alimony based on factors like the length of the marriage and each spouse’s age, need and ability to pay, health, income and earning potential. A divorce attorney in Naples can advise you on what to expect.

Child Support

Child support is focused on the cost of raising a couple’s child or children, and how that cost should be divided between the parents.

Like alimony, a judge’s determination as to how much child support is owed by which parent is based on a variety of factors. Usually the parent with more custody will be granted child support from the other. The judge will usually look at each parent’s income, but may also consider the child’s age and health care costs and day care among other factors.

Don’t Do It Alone

Navigating finances during a divorce can seem impossible alone. A divorce attorney in Naples can help you make the best decisions, so get in touch with the Law Offices of Shawn Seliger. Save yourself and your family the extra stress and contact us today for more information and a free phone consultation at (239) 333-0077. You can also fill out the online contact form after hours and we will call you directly.

The Importance of Hiring a Fort Myers Parenting Plan Lawyer

Approximately 50,000 Florida couples file for divorce each year according to the Census Bureau. Divorce can be a difficult and painful time for any family. When kids are involved, the process becomes even more complicated. While it may seem like you have little control over the future when you’re going through such an uncertain time, there are steps you can take to protect your family. Working with a Fort Myers Parenting Plan Lawyer can help ease the burden during this tough time.

What Is a Parenting Plan?

A parenting plan is an important part of any divorce proceeding when a family has children. It is a written document developed to protect the best interests of the children, detailing how they will be raised and how parenting responsibilities will be shared following a divorce. It is typically developed with the help of a Fort Myers Parenting Plan Lawyer. If the parents cannot agree on details, then the court will impose a plan.

What Does a Parenting Plan Cover?

Each plan addresses the specific needs of each individual child. Topics such as health care, education, holidays, travel and time-sharing are typically covered in these plans. It’s a good idea to be as detailed as possible. Deciding ahead of time which parent is responsible for which decisions and who will pay for what can help avoid conflict down the road. Additional specifications or restrictions may be outlined for special situations such as parents who live in different cities or if there are safety concerns.

How Can You Develop a Plan?

While there are samples of parenting plans available online, it’s preferable to work with an attorney who is experienced in helping individuals with their legal matters. The Law Offices of Shawn Seliger is a leading Fort Myers Parenting Plan Lawyer dedicated to providing guidance and quality legal representation to people in need of legal assistance. Contact us today for more information and a free phone consultation at (239) 333-0077 OR fill out our convenient online form.

How a Family Law Attorney in Fort Myers Can Help You

According to the World Population Review, Florida has the 4th fastest population growth rate in the United States. As the number of residents in the state grows, it’s understandable that there’s a growing demand for legal support at the household level. When it comes to complex family issues, here are a few ways a Family Law Attorney in Fort Myers can help you and your family.


Divorce is often complicated, especially when children are involved. Disputes can arise over property, finances and child care. Finding a Family Law Attorney in Fort Myers with experience in developing child support and alimony agreements, parenting plans and time-sharing schedules can help you navigate this difficult time. They can also assist if there are any questions around paternity, as this could influence any child-related agreements.

Domestic Violence

Long hidden in the shadows, more domestic violence victims are speaking out and seeking help. Whether it’s an outburst stemming from the heightened emotions of divorce or a repeated pattern of behavior, domestic violence is never okay and never your fault. You and your children deserve to be safe. A Family Law Attorney in Fort Myers can help secure restraining orders and other legal protections.

Post-judgment Matters

After a legal process is complete, you may still need a lawyer from time to time. If one parent is not sticking to an agreement, you can bring in an attorney to help with enforcement. Also, as your children grow up or life situations change, you may need to modify an agreement. Lawyers can help with modifications as well.

If you encounter a challenging situation that requires legal assistance, be sure to find a Family Law Attorney in Fort Myers who is experienced in guiding families through these difficult issues. The Law Offices of Shawn Seliger has considerable experience helping people through divorce, domestic violence and post-judgment matters. Contact us today for more information and a free phone consultation at (239) 333-0077. You can also fill out the online form after hours and we will call you directly.