4 Common Reasons People Get Divorced and Need a Fort Myers Divorce Attorney

No one gets married expecting to need a Fort Myers divorce attorney. If most people are honest with themselves, they marry because of a desire for commitment and understanding, which includes love. However, sometimes love isn’t enough, or it isn’t long-lasting. Therefore, divorce is common, and it is not a symbol of failure or inadequacy, it is only a tool to help you move into a hopefully happier and more productive stage of your life. There are at least four reasons people get divorced, excluding infidelity and abuse or neglect.

1. Communication

Any divorce attorney Fort Myers will probably agree that poor communication is a significant contributor to the divorce rate in Florida. This can make divorce proceedings difficult, especially in no-fault states, because negotiation and compromise are vital to a healthy divorce.

2. Intimacy

Next, a lack of physical and emotional support or intimacy is lacking, often because the two parties are no longer attracted to each other. While some couples may consider counseling, others will want to move forward amicably and separately.

3. Individual Identity

In a marriage, especially when children are involved, it is common for one partner or both to feel a loss of individual identity. Codependence in small doses is OK, but when it becomes the crux of the relationship, it is problematic. A Fort Myers divorce attorney can help dissolve a marriage peacefully, especially if both parties are on board.

4. Finances

Unfortunately, money is often the great burden of relationships, especially when you have little cash and mounting debt. Relationships can begin to feel more like failing businesses and can often become contentious, which is when an attorney is vital.

A Fort Myers divorce attorney like Shawn Seliger will likely want to help you end your marriage amicably, but if the proceedings are destined to become contentious, then having his expertise in trial law is a necessary means to an end. While going through a divorce is potentially sad, the process, as a tool, is useful in helping you begin a new chapter in your life. Contact the Law Offices of Shawn Seliger at 239-333-0077 to schedule a FREE phone consultation or fill out the online contact form.

What to Do If You’re a Victim of Domestic Violence – Fort Myers Attorney

Domestic violence toward partners or children unfortunately remains an all-too-common occurrence in Fort Myers, as it does in many communities around the world. If you or someone you love is the victim of domestic violence there are steps you can take to find protection and ease the fear of the situation. Getting in contact with a Fort Myers domestic violence attorney can help you understand your options and guide you toward the best course of action.

Call the Authorities

If there is imminent danger present then the first course of action should always be to seek safe shelter and call the police. Before worrying about any of the legal options in terms of a Fort Myers restraining order or the ramifications for the abuser, it is important to ensure that the victims are safe and protected. The police can help to safely remove the victims or take away the abuser in order to protect those in need. The next step should be to file a Fort Myers Restraining Order or a Lee County Domestic Violence Injunction. It is always a wise decision to have an experienced Fort Myers domestic violence lawyer representing you.

Seek Support Groups

One of the top suggestions from a domestic violence attorney in Fort Myers is to seek out counseling and support groups. Meeting with others who have experienced domestic violence can help you to understand your situation, and they can often offer advice from their own personal experience to help you find your best route moving forward.

Find a Fort Myers Domestic Violence Attorney

The law around domestic violence is complicated and it is important to make sure that your interests are being looked out for professionally. A Fort Myers domestic violence attorney can help you understand all of your options, to find the best plan for you. Having an attorney may also significantly improve your chances during any legal action such as filing for a restraining order, so you should always contact one for a consultation. Contact us today for more information and a free phone consultation at (239) 333-0077 or fill out the online contact form here.

Why You Need a Family Lawyer to Help with Your Fort Myers Divorce

A divorce is a challenging experience to go through. Even when a couple is splitting by mutual consent there are still many important considerations that must be factored into the process. Working with a family lawyer in Fort Myers helps you to manage the process effectively and fairly. These are some of the most common issues facing a couple during a “conscious uncoupling:” A top Fort Myers divorce lawyer and custody attorney in Fort Myers can help guide your way.

Custody Planning

For couples with children, the most common issues a Fort Myers family lawyer can help you with is making sure that you agree and understand the custody and child planning decisions being made.  In addition to determining custody for the children, you should also negotiate decision-making responsibilities and plans when it comes to things like schooling or activities the children participate in. Negotiating how much time the children will spend with each parent, as well as holidays and birthdays, are also very important details. An experienced divorce lawyer in Fort Myers and Lee County custody attorney can help guide your way.

Asset Division

The next important factor in a Fort Myers divorce is the division of any assets you own as a couple and securing non-marital assets. In an ideal setting, both partners will agree on the split. However, you should expect there to be at least a few areas where both you and your partner would like to take possession of the same belongings, or disagree on the allotment of financial resources. A family lawyer in Fort Myers can help you prioritize and fight on your behalf to help you secure the assets you value most.

Financial Support

In a relationship where one partner is the primary breadwinner, or where one partner will largely be assuming custodial responsibility of the children, it is likely there will be a financial support agreement. Whether you are receiving or sending the financial payments, a Fort Myers family lawyer is essential to ensure that you are treated fairly in the agreement.

Although few divorces are entirely easy, working with a top family lawyer in Fort Myers can make the process simpler, and more importantly, make sure that your interests are protected.

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Divorcing with Children: What You Need to Know for Your Kids – Naples Divorce Attorney

When carrying out a divorce where children are involved, the well-being of the children should remain a top priority. Divorce can be hard on a couple’s children, particularly with younger children who may not understand why the situation has to be the way it is. These tips from a top Naples divorce attorney can help you and your partner make the process as manageable as possible for your children.

Be Open with Them

While you don’t need to tell your children every detail about why you’re getting a divorce, you should also not be hiding the process from them either. When you’ve reached the point where you and your partner are each hiring a divorce attorney in Naples, you should also prepare to sit down and explain the situation to your children to help them begin to process and understand the split in an easy and friendly manner. Also, having a child attend counseling to learn to cope with their parents divorce may be a productive approach.

Be Understanding

An experienced Naples divorce attorney knows that no two children will react to the news in the exact same way, and it’s important that you provide validation for the way your children are feeling. Divorce can be very hard on children, and feelings of anger, sadness, confusion and guilt are all common. Offer your children support however they take the news to help ease their burden.

Make Yourselves Available

It can be easy to get caught up in your own concerns and issues when in the middle of a divorce, but it’s essential as a parent to make sure that you are there for your children. Check in to see how they are doing and offer help understanding the changes if needed. Try to continue doing things together as a family if possible. Maintaining a united front will help reassure your child, and ultimately help them acclimate to the idea of the divorce more easily.

Keep any Arguments Private

While it’s always advisable to avoid arguments in general during a divorce, if they do occur, make sure the children are not around to see it. Witnessing an angry fight between their parents can be very hard on your children.

If you’re struggling with your children during a divorce, speak with your Naples divorce attorney and ask for advice. Just as experience can help you during mediation, it can help you do what’s best for your children, as well.

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Naples Divorce Lawyer – What Assets Could You Lose in a Divorce?

It can be challenging to navigate the troubled waters of dividing assets during a divorce. If you’re unable to come to an amicable agreement with your spouse, the decision will be left to the courts. Having a knowledgeable Naples divorce lawyer on your side can help guide you when meeting with mediators or judges.

What Are the Different Types of Assets?

There are two different types of property: marital and non-marital property. Marital property includes any earnings or debts gained by either spouse during the marriage. Florida is an equitable distribution state, not a community property state. Non-marital property is considered any assets designated explicitly for just one spouse, such as an inheritance, non-marital pension proceeds, and non-marital personal injury awards. If potential non-marital property entangled itself with property, such as if a business started by one spouse before the marriage significantly grows in value, you should consult a Naples divorce lawyer to determine technical ownership.

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