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In Naples and Fort Myers, FL, child custody arrangements are always determined based on what is in the best interest of the child. Parents are encouraged to share in the responsibilities of raising the child and in making important life decisions. Recently, the state has shifted from a sole custody plan to a more flexible parenting plan, which does not favor one parent over the other. Several factors are taken into account when determining custody, but gender is not one of them. If you need assistance with determining or modifying child custody arrangements, turn to Naples and Fort Myers family attorney Shawn Seliger today to discuss the best approach for your child.

Florida Child Custody Basics

In Naples and Fort Myers, child custody (parenting-time/time-sharing) is determined by Florida family law. There are two types of custody arrangements that may be ordered: Physical custody and shared parental responsibility. Physical custody establishes where the child will live while shared parental responsibility refers to the parents ability to make important decisions in the childrens life, including health, education and religious upbringing.

Physical custody can be awarded to one parent (sole custody) or to both parents. Unless one parent displays an inability to care for the child, has a history of domestic violence or abuse, drug use or child abuse, Florida family courts will favor shared custody arrangements with shared parental responsibility.Â

In Florida, what is commonly known as joint custody is referred to as shared parental responsibility with both parents having the right to make decisions pertaining to the child. Usually, one parent will have physical custody of the child while the other will be awarded generous visitation rights. If there is a healthy relationship between both parents and between the parents and the children, both parents typically will be able to enjoy liberal time with their children.

Factors that Affect Child Custody in Naples and Fort Myers
Several factors can affect custody arrangements in Naples and Fort Myers, Florida. Regardless of the case at hand, courts always determine custody based on the best interests of the child and take several matters into consideration, such as:

  • Each parents relationship with the child
  • Each parents ability to provide for the needs of the child
  • The physical and mental health of each parent
  • The stability of each parents home environment and their personal lifestyle
  • History of domestic violence, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, drug use, or neglect
  • The childs wishes, if 12 years of age or older

Determining what is in the best interest of a child can be a very tricky matter. Sometimes, one parent may accuse the other of mistreatment, limiting or possibly even refusing them the ability to visit their child. If this has happened to you, Naples and Fort Myers child custody lawyer Shawn Seliger can help. Child custody laws can be difficult to decipher, but with the assistance of an experienced and knowledgeable attorney, you can rest assured that your parental rights will not be infringed upon.

Modifying Child Custody Arrangements

If you are unhappy with your current custody order, family attorney Shawn Seliger can help you modify the arrangements. Typically, Florida family courts will not modify custody orders easily, but Mr. Seliger knows the law and how to protect a parents rights. He will strive to provide evidence in your favor to show you are physically and emotionally able to care for your child and provide for their best interests. If you previously were denied custody or given limited visitation rights due to a legal, financial or personal matter that has been resolved, Attorney Seliger will strive to show the court that you have made the necessary changes and will seek to help you obtain a revision to the courts custody order.

Whether you are in the midst of a divorce and are struggling to determine custody of your children or if you are unhappy with your current custody arrangements in Naples or Fort Myers, turn to the Law Offices of Shawn Seliger today for assistance in resolving your matters as quickly and favorably as possible. The firm will have you and your childs best interests in mind at all times and will strive to help you and your case end with the best outcome imaginable.