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Law Offices of Shawn Seliger handles child support issues in Lee, Collier, Charlotte and DeSoto Counties

Trying to shelter your children from as much of the disappointment and painful details of separation, divorce and changes in

Child Support

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living arrangements is just part of trying to keep your children healthy and feeling loved and secure. Separation and divorce can also mean economic and lifestyle changes that can be especially traumatic if not handled thoughtfully and carefully.

It’s important to have a qualified, experienced family and marital attorney guide you in the process of discovering and negotiating the division of the property, business assets, and liabilities of the family. Both parents will bear partial responsibility for the children’s welfare in a divorce, depending on their ability to provide for the children’s needs. Your children’s economic future depends on a fair and equitable accounting of the full extent of all family holdings and interests. Your attorney’s ability to aggressively discover all assets and persuade others of your needs will be the single most important deciding factor in your children’s economic future. In all matters of financial support, you want an attorney who will be a thorough investigator and a tough negotiator in your corner.

Trust the Law Offices of Shawn Seliger to represent your best interests in child support matters.