We live in a litigious society. There are many situations that arise where an attorney is invaluable. A local family lawyer can help draft and review documents and offer advice. Having an attorney on hand means you have someone to turn to should a legal matter arise. Over time, they get to know your situation allowing them to offer solutions that are in your best interest. Hiring a Family Attorney in Fort Myers has many benefits.

Family attorneys are available to help with many matters beyond divorce and custody battles. Here are some reasons you need a professional.

• Prenuptials. This can be an uncomfortable topic, but if you, or your family, have significant assets, it is wise to have a prenuptial agreement drawn up and/or reviewed if someone in the family decides to marry.

• Divorce. Unfortunately, many marriages end in divorce. This can be a very trying time in your life. Consult a local Family Attorney in Fort Myers as soon as you start thinking about divorce. Everything in your life will be impacted: business, property, finances and children.

• Custody. Battles over custody can get nasty. It is easy to think that once a divorce is finalized you are free from court battles. If children are involved, this may not be true. You or your former spouse can go to court over custody arrangements like adjusting child support or changing the parenting schedule.

Talking with an attorney isn’t always bad news. Attorneys like Shawn Seliger help protect your rights in various situations. If you are looking for a Family Attorney in Fort Myers, contact us today for more information and a free telephone consultation.