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Law Offices of Shawn Seliger handles parenting plans and time-sharing schedules in Lee, Collier, Charlotte and DeSoto Counties

Working through parenting plans and time-sharing issues during separation and divorce can present some of the most Parenting Plansemotional and difficult negotiations for parents. The joint issues of forming a parenting plan and child time-sharing can become highly charged and require careful handling by your attorney.

Our firm recognizes the importance of creating a parenting plan and time-sharing arrangement to you and is experienced in handling these matters. Family law courts give special priority to the well-being of the children and often direct divorcing parties to participate in mediation with an unbiased third party to reach agreement.

As part of the process, written parenting plans must be developed and agreed upon to help parents share parental responsibilities. Parenting plans cover such areas as health care, education, and regular, holiday and special time-sharing schedules. The courts have offered various plan types that run the gamut from a basic plan to a long distance plan for parents who live in separate cities to a highly structured plan for quarrelling parents, and a safety-focused plan with specific restrictions necessitated for the children’s health, safety and welfare.

If couples cannot reach agreement on a viable time-sharing arrangement and parenting plan, then the court will impose a parenting plan, time-sharing schedule and other arrangements on the family. Reaching parenting and time-sharing agreements as amicably as possible can go a long way in helping the children and entire family face the difficult life changes brought about by divorce and parent absence.

Trust the Law Offices of Shawn Seliger to represent your best interests in establishing and modifying parenting plans and time-sharing arrangements